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Great British Bake Off: Episode One Recap

Yay, Bake Off is back!

A staple of our midweek TV viewing, this year’s renewal of the BBC baking show promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Last night’s episode was as entertaining, gripping, and appetite-encouraging as we’ve come to expect from the show. Here are our early thoughts on this year’s Bake Off!

Naturally, we’re going to be supporting the local ladies Nadiya and Sandy (both live in Leeds). Nadiya nailed the Madeira cake early on, with her candied peel passing the “Mary Berry dropped peel test”. Sadly she didn’t do well at all in the technical however, finishing in 12th place.

Tamal’s cake was the star of the Madeira cake challenge; it looked the best and, if you put your faith in Paul Hollywood’s opinions, tasted the best too.

As for the walnut cake, the version tucked into by Mary and Paul looked delightful. Lithuanian bodybuilder Ugne won the challenge with her walnut cake, which not only looked amazing but tasted good too.

We’re used to the showstopper challenge providing a touch of drama, and last night didn’t disappoint us. Dorret was let down by her decision to put a mousse into her Black Forest gateau. The result was a soggy, melting mess that left her in tears.

She was saved the chop by Stu’s arrogance, the hipster with an annoying hat failing to stick to the briefs (who puts beetroot in Black Forest gateau?!) and being deservedly sent home.

All in all, this year’s bunch of contestants seem nice, with a couple of characters you instantly warm to (Mat and Sandy in particular) and a few you can tell are going to pull off some interesting baking techniques this series.

Now for the wait for next Wednesday!

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