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Harvard study tries to curry favour with longevity claims…

A recent British Medical Journal study has provided a slither of hope for curry fans such as myself that the decision to eat spicy food three times a week is in fact conducive towards a longer life (as well as a tastier one!).

The claims are based on a Harvard study based on 500,000 Chinese people over the course of seven years. The study concluded that those eating spicy food three times a week over the course over the seven years were 14% less likely to die than those who did not.

While these claims sound like an excellent reason to head and get yourself some Sichuan cuisine (the spiciest Chinese food!) or head out for a curry, you might find that these claims are a little bit premature…! Sadly the Sichuan area of China where the majority of the spicy food will have been consumed is also more rural that some of the other areas meaning that the study has been forced to concede that while there is a correlation between spicy food and a longer life, the other factors involved including more rural populations and quality of life and status of work will also play a role in how long the participants lived for.

Despite this, I feel that for the moment I am happy to hold onto this hope that spicy food is going to keep me healthier and go and perhaps enjoy another Sichuan style Sunday feast to boost my chances of living for longer!

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