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Previewing this weekend’s Kirkstall Deli Market

In Leeds, we’re lucky enough to be able to boast some startling sights in the most unexpected of places. One example is Kirkstall Abbey, which pops out quite unexpectedly as you’re driving along (the otherwise pretty mundane) Kirkstall Road.

Kirkstall Abbey is a great place to wander around on a lovely summer’s day, and a brilliant picnic spot, but did you know that it also plays host to a fantastic deli market?

The next renewal of the Kirkstall Deli Market is due to be held on Saturday 25th July, so that’s this coming Saturday if the summer is running away from you! Between midday and 3pm, two markets will boast over 40 stalls capable of delighting Yorkshire-based foodies.

Here are some of the stalls we’re most looking forward to sampling this weekend at Kirkstall Abbey:

Cryer & Stott: this Yorkshire-based cheese company has built up a loyal following across the region and for good reason. As well as supplying cheese from local producers, they also make their own cheese, including a particularly special rhubarb cheese that is well worth trying.

Fayre by Alley: for something a little bit different, head to the Fayre by Alley stall. Alleyne Oman is a Canadian based in Leeds whose dream is to bring Canadian baking to the Yorkshire masses. Her Nanaimo Bars are downright awesome, so make sure you leave room for one of these this weekend.

Little Yorkshire Pie Company: this pie company, based in Shipley, create amazing pork pies, with over a dozen different versions of this classic British staple. They also bake sausage rolls, steak pies, pasties, and many, many more pastry-based goodies!

With free parking available over the road at Abbey House Museum, there’s no reason not to head down to get involved in the foodie fun!

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