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Yorkshire butchers: Woodend’s in Adel reviewed

Woodend’s in Adel is our local butchers. Situated on the Otley Road, they’ve been around since 1950 and are well known for stocking meat from trusted local sources.


Last weekend, when the heatwave was still upon us, we sourced our barbecue meat from Woodend’s. Here’s what we made of the meaty offerings from Woodend’s:

Pork and leek sausages

The flavour of the pork and leek sausages was fantastic on the barbecue. They cooked through really well without burning and were a satisfying size. The texture was perhaps a little too “smooth” for my liking as I like a coarser sausage sometimes, but these were a solid sausage offering nonetheless. I think they’d also be great in a fry-up.


Toulouse sausages

The Toulouse sausages were the star of the sausages show from Woodend’s. They were huge, and packed full of flavour thanks to the red wine and garlic, two flavours which go fantastically well with pork. These were great on the barbecue but would also be brilliant in a sausage casserole where the sausage has to be the main event of the dish.

Chilli burgers

The chilli burger from Woodend’s was a really generous size and had a good kick to it from the chilli. It did pretty much what it says on the box: it was a decent burger which put the emphasis on high meat content and didn’t taste at all fatty. We split one burger between two people as we had so much other meat to get through and this was more than adequate!



The kebabs, served kofta style, were a real highlight from Woodend’s. They cooked beautifully on the barbecue (we actually cooked them from frozen, making them a really handy addition to the freezer in the summer months for barbecues on a whim) and had a really nice texture and flavour. The kebabs were very filling and you really only need one person at the most if you’re also sampling the sausages etc from Woodend’s.

Value for money

Always an important consideration for a local butcher, was Woodend’s value for money? Well, yes! We bought enough of the above for four hungry people and the total came to just over £11, which we thought was pretty good given the quality of the meat.

All in all, Woodend’s definitely comes highly recommended for sourcing meat for a barbecue. They also do fantastic hot sandwiches at lunchtime, although you really need to get there before 11.45am as they sell out so quickly due to their reputation in the local area.

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