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Yorkshire butchers: A trip to Weegmanns in Otley

Perhaps more famous for its pork pies (and famous stand pies) than for its actual butchery, Weegmanns in Otley is nonetheless an institution.

Weegmanns Otley

The classic facade

Enjoying the summer and of course keen to get in as many BBQs as possible before the weather gives up on us, Charlotte and I felt inspired at the weekend to try some sausages, a burger and a lamb kebab as part of a taste test to see if Weegmanns lives up to its lofty reputation.

Weegmanns Otley

Whilst several of my friends are big fans (one was a vegetarian for over 10 years before choosing to try out a pork pie at Weegmanns!) and several others have stated to me that the stand pie at Weegmanns can’t be beaten, nothing confirms quality like trying it yourself!

We picked up a chilli burger, two Otley dragon sausages, two jerk flavoured sausages, two hickory smoked sausages and a lamb kebab. We felt this represented a good mix for a summer BBQ taste test. With the ingredients similar to the ones we had previously picked up from Lishman’s in Ilkley, we noticed that the sausages were slightly smaller, but the overall cost at Weegmanns hovered around the £4.50 mark. This felt like very good value considering the amount of food we bought.

Weegmanns Otley

Our chilli burger

Weegmanns Otley

The Otley dragon

Weegmanns Otley

The Jamaican Jerk

With Charlotte sitting out in the garden and me scurrying around getting the BBQ ready, it wasn’t long before we could get cracking, managing to get everything cooked in a reasonable (and therefore not too burnt!) fashion!

Weegmanns Otley

Our smoked sausages

Weegmanns Otley

The excellent kebabs

Although I am always unsure how spicy ‘chilli’ burgers are going to be, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of heat in the burger and was left impressed that it was still moist after cooking. The sausages were all nice. The jerk sausage offered a decent amount of spice and certainly carried with it some of the flavours I would associate with the Caribbean. The Otley dragon had a lovely flavour and I enjoyed the taste of leek mixed in with the sausagemeat. Whilst there was nothing wrong with the smoked flavour, it didn’t quite measure up to the other two but it was certainly more than palatable!

Weegmanns Otley

Cooked nicely(ish!)

In my opinion, special praise has to be reserved for the excellent lamb kebabs. Not only did they boast a lovely coating, but were bursting with flavour, offering a truly lovely change to the normal barbecue meal. If I was to have a BBQ again and wanted to impress some friends, I would without a doubt get a few of these in as they were the highlight of the meal.

All in all, Weegmanns certainly held its own and showed that supporting local butchers is a great way to ensure that we continue to get high quality meat in our local area.

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