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A homage to fromage: Red Devil

We’re big fans of the Snowdonia Cheese Company. They make one of our favourite cheeses to indulge in when we’re in the mood for cheese: Black Bomber.

They also make Red Devil, which we bought for the first time last weekend. We had previously sampled it at the BBC Good Food Show in Harrogate in April, but had never taken the plunge to buy some.

Put simply, Red Devil is a Red Leicester cheese warmed through with chilli.

Snowdonia Cheese Company Red Devil cheese

Check out the look of that chilli!

Being big chilli fans, it’s nice that the Snowdonia Cheese Company don’t hold back with the spice level! This isn’t a subtle hint of chilli added to the Red Leicester cheese to help market it as something slightly different; it’s a genuine, no holds barred punch in the taste buds that makes this cheese a truly memorable one.

We’re not alone in loving this cheese; it’s won bronze before in the World Cheese Awards, and deservedly so.

We enjoy Red Devil either on its own, or accompanying a savoury cracker with the addition of some chilli jam (just to add to the spice level even more). On the Snowdonia Cheese Company website, they recommend melting a slice or two of the cheese on top of a burger and I can really imagine that working nicely too.

So, why not give this versatile cheese a try next time you fancy something a little bit different?

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