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A homage to fromage: Cornish Yarg Nettle Leaf

Cornish Yarg nettle leaf is a cheese that I have been interested in trying for some time. Having won numerous awards and been praised as one of the most aesthetically pleasing cheeses (given the beautiful colours that make up its distinctive rind) I was mainly interested in trying it for its flavour!

For those of you based in Leeds, you will be pleased to know that Cornish Yarg nettle leaf is stocked by George & Joseph in Chapel Allerton (a cheese shop that is well worth a visit). Yesterday morning, Charlotte and I pottered off there in order to find some new cheeses to try.

Cornish Yarg Nettle Leaf

A very distinctive rind

Having been a bit unsure on the exact taste of the cheese (so many reviews focus on the colour of the rind), I did have to have a quick taste test before I decided to splash the cash, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed by the depth of flavour on offer. The middle of the cheese is very crumbly like a Wensleydale, with a nice slightly sweet flavour. There is a slight hint of earthy mushroom in the taste.

I would be keen to try this cheese again but in all honesty I imagine that many people will pick this cheese for their cheeseboard purely to show off to their guests with its unusual appearance! Enjoy, and if you have tried it let me know what you think.

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