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Top Leeds chef Michael O’Hare to compete on The Great British Menu

Want to find out how Michael got on in Great British Menu? Check out our North East Week recap here.

For those of you who, like me, are massive fans of the Great British Menu, you will already be excited that the 10th season will be starting soon, this time celebrating 100 years of the Women’s Institute.

If, however, you are based in Leeds, you will find that there is an even better reason to watch this year as Leeds chef Michael O’Hare has been confirmed as due to compete on the show.

With his The Man Behind The Curtain restaurant in Leeds based around suspense and surprise as well as drama when it comes to presentation, it will be really exciting to see what he conjures up for this year’s theme.

As the WI were the original home economists, this year’s brief should see some of their greatest events, such as the famous WI Calendar Girls’ nude calendar, represented and celebrated by this Leeds based chef.

I for one will be sincerely looking forward to watching him compete in the North East round of the competition (and hopefully further on as well!).

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