Picking a baby-friendly wallpaper: our story!

When it came to decorating our nursery, we didn’t want to do anything too radical in terms of colour schemes and so on.

The majority of the walls in the room were already painted a neutral tone, and we’d bought a couple of nice personal items to make the room look more interesting for our little one e.g. some personalised bunting that hangs across one wall and has her name on it.

However, we had one small wall of feature wallpaper that wasn’t really suitable for a nursery. It was clear that this wall really needed to be stripped down and either painted or wallpapered in a more baby-friendly wallpaper. After some careful deliberation, we opted for the latter option.

We set about the task of picking out a baby-friendly wallpaper for our nursery with enthusiasm, ordering free sample after free sample before (finally!) settling upon a really cute option: Sanderson Two by Two. We bought our roll from John Lewis but various other online retailers also stock this type of wallpaper.

The reasons why we eventually ended up picking this wallpaper were simple: it’s gender neutral so will have longevity, it will be suitable for a slightly older child as well as a new baby, it has animals on (so is obviously great!), the names of the animals are printed next to the respective images and so there is an educational element there, and we hope it will encourage curiosity when our little one sees the different animals from her cot bed.

It also helped that the colours used on the design aren’t at all garish and the feel of the wallpaper itself is high-quality and durable, which is important in a nursery.

Anyway, have a look at the image below and see what you think!

Sanderson Two by Two wallpaper

Two by Two wallpaper from Sanderson

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