Cooking Experiences

A family Sunday roast: Hard to beat

Having a home-cooked meal with your family is always a special occasion. For Charlotte and me, it happens less frequently than we would both like due to the M1 separating us and our families a lot of the time!

For that reason, when I popped home to watch the FA Cup final with my grandparents, it was a real pleasure to be able to sit down and catch up with them over one of my favourite meals: My Gran’s Sunday roast (with a little help from Brin!).


I cannot lie: I have eaten some fine roast dinners out and about, one at the Yorke Arms standing out as a particular highlight. I can also cook a fairly decent roast myself (clearly modesty being one of my strengths here!) but there is just something magical and inspirational about a home cooked roast that you have grown up with. I always look to emulate my Gran’s roast dinners, but have never managed to get close to matching her gravy!

Sitting down to enjoy the roast she cooked, I enjoyed the wonderful smell of roasted lamb shoulder, the sharp aroma of homemade mint sauce (I worry about growing mint in my herb garden but was left very impressed by how easy it can be to make homemade mint sauce), and the sight of beautiful crisp, golden roasties. This, of course, was complemented by the amazing courgettes, carrots, mange tout, and honey glazed parsnips.


There was of course then the added beautiful moment when the gravy was brought to the table, fresh from being made on the hob.


The taste was amazing, the atmosphere lovely as they shared a bottle of wine (and some alcohol free beer for me), and I was reminded of times gone by and the importance of sitting with family around the table talking and enjoying fine food. After all, why spend a fortune going out for a terrible roast at somewhere like Toby Carvery when you can work together as a family and enjoy a fine one in your own home for half the cost?

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