Restaurant reviews

DLicious or not? A David Lloyd dinner dissected!

Last weekend, we had lunch at our David Lloyd club in Leeds for the first time. We don’t usually have a need to eat at the gym (although we have indulged in the odd post-workout coffee and treat!) but on Sunday we wanted to combine a trip to the gym with watching the football in the bar afterwards, so lunch was very much on the cards.

With cottage pie lined up for the evening, we both wanted something light and healthy. Luckily, the menu at David Lloyd is designed around filling, nutritious options that don’t make you feel guilty about undoing all that good work after half an hour in the gym.

Kyle opted for one of the “carbless” burger options on offer (he picked the falafel but the other options, including the lamb burger, sounded lovely). The dish came with a tomato salsa, sliced tomato, roasted mushroom, and Asian slaw. Although it didn’t have the best presentation, it tasted fantastic, the salsa packing a spicy punch and the falafel burger itself remaining moist and moreish (falafel can so often turn out dry and boring).


I chose the spicy bean chilli tacos, which were basically two big corn tacos stuffed with all sorts of gorgeous Mexican flavours. They were almost impossible to eat whilst remaining dignified, but I didn’t mind too much! The dish came with salsa and sour cream served on the side in cute little jars with mini spoons, which was a nice touch.


Eating lunch at the gym might sound like an odd concept, but David Lloyd offer a vast range of menu choices, all of which come with calories listed and particularly healthy options clearly highlighted. No wonder the cafe at our branch of David Lloyd is always busy, with families, couples, or individuals fresh from a workout when the flavour level of the food surpasses the focus on healthy eating.

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