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Auntie Jen’s Lemon Mousse: A family recipe for the ages

Caroline adapts an old family favourite…

In my family, as far as desserts go, you are either in the chocolate or the lemon camp. As the lemon lovers are coming tonight and as it is a celebration meal I didn’t feel I could cheat and buy a Waitrose lemon tart as I often do.

Instead, I started looking for lemon mousse recipes and of course found that lemon mousses have one thing in common: eggs. I couldn’t find a lemon equivalent of Nigella’s egg-free chocolate mousse and was about to give up when I remembered a recipe for lemon cheesecake, given to me by a favourite aunt about twenty years ago. Miraculously I was able to find it and decided to forget about the cheesecake base and just make the topping which I then decanted into individual ramekin dishes. There was enough for six servings, using the recipe below.

Zest and juice of 2 lemons
225g cream cheese (full fat or low, depending on how healthy you want to be)
150ml double cream
175g condensed milk

You literally just combine all the ingredients, without even whisking the cream, and stir so that there are no lumps from the cream cheese. I then used a jug to pour the mixture into the ramekins, thereby avoiding spills and drips.

The cheesecake recipe adds a couple of spoons of sultanas although I omitted them from the mousse.

The recipe couldn’t be simpler and from what I tasted when making it last night it is delicious – tangy but sweet at the same time.

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