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The Brew: Brewing up a storm in the Knaresborough café scene

Yesterday morning we had to take our car in to be serviced in Knaresborough. After dropping it off, we wandered into Knaresborough for breakfast. We didn’t have a fixed idea of where to go, so instead had a casual walk around until we found somewhere that was open at 9am (not as easy as you might expect!)

Little did we realise that we’d stumbled upon a hidden gem in the heart of Knaresborough. The Brew is located on Castlegate, just seconds from the main market square, and a stone’s throw away from all of the main tourist attractions in this bustling town.

There were three things we loved about The Brew: the service, the quality of the food and hot drinks, and the atmosphere.

Starting with the service, the very friendly owner took our orders and served us our food and drink. Not that we were eavesdropping, but it was clear that she genuinely cared about the business and put customers at the forefront of her approach.

Apart from us, everyone in there was a regular customer, which speaks volumes about the friendly welcome on offer. That said, we were made to feel really at home throughout our breakfast experience, and we didn’t feel at all like outsiders who had stumbled into a premises devoted mainly to keeping the repeat customers happy.

Moving on to the food and hot drinks, we indulged in a white chocolate hot chocolate and a mocha, both of which were served piping hot and were smooth, creamy and moreish without being sickly.

The Brew cafe in Knaresborough

White hot choc and a mocha – hit the spot!

The range of hot drinks was impressive, and the execution spot on. For breakfast, we ordered a sausage sandwich and a bacon sandwich, both of which were cooked to perfection and very fairly priced (I’ve never understood cafes that think it’s alright to charge £4.50 and upwards for a bacon sarnie!)

The Brew cafe in Knaresborough

Keeping it simple with a sausage sarnie!

The Brew cafe in Knaresborough

Mmm bacon!

As for the atmosphere, The Brew is a fairly small establishment, but it has plenty going on. We could see from the signs dotted around the café and could hear from some of the conversation going on that The Brew hosts writing and craft groups outside the usual business hours you’d expect from a coffee shop. If we lived in Knaresborough, this is exactly the kind of venture we’d love to support.

The Brew cafe in Knaresborough

Lovely decor inside

From what we could overhear, The Brew has been open now for around a year after taking over from a previous café on the same premises. From the signs we saw yesterday, it’ll be around for plenty more years to come!

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