La Compagnie des Petits: A fine find in France!

As Charlotte and I enjoy a relaxing trip to the fabulous French Riviera, staying at the lovely Hotel Juana in Juan Les Pins, we have found ourselves wandering around looking at shops and ogling at beautiful food.

As well as that, we have of course been enjoying lying on the beach, lazing by our hotel pool, and enjoying some fabulous food, all of which will be covered in future blogs!

For this blog, though, I want to focus on a fabulous find that we stumbled upon through pure chance as we wandered into the lovely town of Antibes, passing several very nice but also very expensive baby and children’s clothes shops. Although Charlotte and I are keen on getting our future little one some lovely clothes and making sure they are comfortable, cute, and able to be washed easily(!), one of the most important factors for us is that the clothes don’t cost the earth.

It appears as though, if you want to go mad, you can spend hundreds of pounds (or euros) on a single DKNY baby top or Armani baby grow. For me, this seems a strange concept. The idea of spending this amount of money on a piece of clothing that may be worn only a handful of times is madness. Surely there are better things to be spending your money on (like nappies!).

Given the fact that we had decided we wanted to keep any purchases below a certain level but also wanted a certain degree of ‘Frenchness’ about any potential buys, we thought we were going to depart empty-handed given the pricetags we kept seeing.

Suddenly, though, just as we entered the old town of Antibes, we found a marvelous store called La Compagnie des Petits.

From the outside, the store looked relatively modest but full of rather attractive looking clothes. Of course, we expected the worst when we went in but were shocked when we looked at the price tags; the prices were more than reasonable and the quality of the clothes was really high. Happily, there was also a sale section!

We ended up getting one gorgeous baby grow for 6 months and up, and two long sleeved tops for a slightly older age for a total of around £14. We couldn’t be happier with them and hope that our little girl will be happy with them as well!

You can judge for yourself by looking at the pictures below whether or not you think we got a bargain, but I would recommend to any parents heading to the south of France that you find a branch of La Compagnie des Petits!



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