Restaurant reviews

Please offer us a decent menu choice on Valentines Day!

My wife and I enjoy spending a nice romantic Valentines Day together. We also like to go out for a nice meal every now and again. However, we haven’t (for a very long time now) chosen to combine the two experiences.

In years gone by, we would spend hours trawling through phone books, looking on online menus, and going out to look at actual menus in restaurants in order to find a place where we could avoid a set menu on the big day!

I should point out to begin with that I do enjoy a set menu at times. They can offer good value, they can offer a simple decision when you feel unable to make a choice, and they often show off the sort of food that should be considered the main focus of the restaurant in question.

That said, what is it about Valentines Day that makes the a la carte option so rare at a restaurant? Is it that restaurants feel like they know they are going to be busy and therefore cannot cope with the size of their own menus? Is it the case that they want to make it clear how much couples are going to be paying for their tea (if so, surely this is defeated by the cost of drinks not being included), or is it just a case of making it clear what food they serve?

Whatever the reason it seems wrong and often (although I accept there are some high quality exceptions to this rule) very, very overpriced. I have eaten and blogged about food in Leeds, in Yorkshire, and further afield, and have paid varying costs, but I seem to only ever feel ‘ripped off’ when it comes to Valentines Day.

Being someone who likes to offer a solution and not just have a gripe(!), I will confess that Charlotte and I choose now to go out a day or two beforehand to enjoy our very own Falentines Day (fake Valentines Day!) at a a restaurant of our choice (this year being 2 Oxford Place) where we can enjoy the full menu at the normal price. For Valentines Day itself, we like to do our own thing and then just relax in the comfort of our own home with a nice bottle of plonk!

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