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VOC Grill – A decent eating option near Kings Cross

Burger joints in London aren’t exactly a rare breed. However, in recent years, decent eateries just a stone’s throw from Kings Cross have been pretty hard to come by. With the area’s regeneration, though, has come an improved dining scene for London foodies, and Kings Cross can now deservedly be referred to as a place to try to spend a Friday night, rather than somewhere you get stuck waiting for a train.

We recently visited VOC Grill in the attractive Regent Quarter, a mere two minutes’ walk from Kings Cross station. After just getting off the train from Leeds, dealing with hunger was a priority, and the menu here seemed to tick all the boxes!

The restaurant is tucked away in a buzzing little courtyard opposite a couple of decent looking bars. Inside it’s split into two distinct sections, an upstairs and a downstairs, and the interior is nicely decorated, if a little dark.

We wasted little time in ordering our starters. Two of us went for chicken wings with hot sauce, and the other orders were split between calamari, halloumi cheese, and nachos.

The chicken wings were quite nice, although the meat was just a little dry and overdone for my liking. The hot sauce had a nice level of heat and flavour, though, which made up for this somewhat. Everyone else seemed happy with their choice of starter and we eagerly awaited our burger mains.

I had opted for a chicken burger with bacon and cheddar cheese, with everyone else going for variations of beef burgers. I wanted to steer clear of the beef burger option since they come served pink, which I simply cannot understand. This trend for serving burgers pink is one I am extremely wary of; I always feel like it’s just an upset stomach waiting to happen.

The chicken burger was really nice; the chicken wasn’t at all dry despite being quite a generous portion, and the cheese was melted really pleasingly all over the bacon and chicken. The brioche bun completed the burger experience, and the chips that came with it were thick, piping hot, and crunchy on the outside. Dipped in mayo, they were pretty damn satisfying.

Overall, VOC Grill comes recommended. It’s not exactly cheap, but nothing in London is these days. It’s also worth mentioning that although the service was hectic and at times seemed disorganised, the waitresses were really friendly and nice.

So, if you find yourself in Kings Cross and want a burger fix, find this little tucked away location and give it a go.

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