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A tribute to the great Yorkshire pudding!

I love Yorkshire puddings. There, I’ve said it. They may not be the most sophisticated of foodie treats, but my God they are tasty.

In celebration of National Yorkshire pudding day today, I’ve listed some of the best things about this simple but delicious dish:

  • Quick and simple: You can make a Yorkshire pudding in a matter of minutes. It takes no time at all (assuming your oven is at the right temperature and you’ve heated the oil properly). Furthermore, you only need a few ingredients to make them, and they’re all store cupboard essentials.
  • Versatile: You can eat Yorkshire puddings with pretty much anything! They can act as a gravy boat, or a more demure accompaniment to a roast dinner (if you don’t like drowning your food in gravy like I do), or you can mix things up a bit, perhaps by filling your Yorkshire with chilli con carne. I’ve done this before and trust me, if you try it, you won’t regret it. You can also have sweet versions of Yorkshire pudding, for example with golden syrup. Oh, and, before I forget, toad in the hole!
  • A food for sharing: When we moved to Adel and went round to meet our new neighbours, they were in the process of cooking a roast dinner. As we were leaving, we were offered a slice of freshly cooked Yorkshire pudding, just to take back home with us! We already had dinner prepared for later but when we got home, we greedily ripped off pieces of the Yorkshire pudding and stuffed them down our throats! Whether made individually or as a huge pudding to rip apart, this is a great food to share.

In terms of recipes, I like to use Delia’s. It’s simple and easy to follow. The only thing you need to do is make sure the oil is hot before you pour in the batter. This is the most important part of the Yorkshire pudding process.

Top Yorkshire pudding destinations

  • Kyle’s Gran: These Yorkshires are amazing, even if Kyle is a bit biased. Fluffy and light (and big!) they’re provided with any variation of roast dinner, and often one is put aside for pudding!
  • Rules in London: We’ve been here a few times and I remember the first time I went being amazed at the sheer size of the Yorkshire puddings that accompany the roast beef dish. It’s not all about the size, though, as the texture and flavour is spot on, just as you’d expect from this London institution.
  • Villette Coffee House and Bakery in Haworth: The giant Yorkshire puddings here come filled with generous portions of meat and gravy. This is a decadent lunch that you’ll deserve after traipsing up and down the cobbled streets of this charming village.
  • The Adelphi pub, Leeds: Decent sized Yorkshires complement a solid roast dinner at this pub in Leeds. There are few better ways to spend a lazy Sunday than in the Adelphi guzzling down a gravy-soaked Yorkshire and really well cooked roast meat.

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